Monday, 25 January 2010

Makerbot #453 : dreaming of a good printing...

Again, I'm not able to print :-(
I resolved my last problem of the raft not sticking on the base. It was caused by the thermistor table not changed when updating the firmware from RepG. I pushed the firmware with the table from Arduino and it look better now.
Now I really need to find why I have so much problems with my plastruder board.
- No temp. reported to RepG
- Firmware corruption (need to push firmware again)
- "Payload not big enough" error
- Heater + feed motor stopping when printing

A good news, I reduce the noise on the X axis by gluing (little bit of hot glue ) the shaft on the side of the Makerbot. That eliminates the noise when moving.

Hope to be able to print a single part....not just a small portion of it.

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