Saturday, 6 February 2010

Makerbot #453: what was done

This is a list of things that I did in hope to resolve my makerbot problems.
- no bootloader on sanguino. Push it in bitbang mode
- firmware 1.6 on both boards.
- no rj45 connected when loading firmware on plastruder
- thermistor working well, I even changed it to be sure
- changed the rj45 cable ( cat5, cat5e , cat6)
- connected the power supply on a booster pack to eliminate AC noise
- 3 differents power supply
- all lights closed to remove possible noise from fluo
- heat all solder points to make sure there's no cold soldering
- add the R180ohms on both boards for the communication
- upload firmware : 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
- 3 different OS on 3 different PC : win 2000. Win XP, win 7


  1. Hi Nicolas, I am having exactly the same problem as you with my MakerBot.

  2. All the same or only some of them ?
    Can you explain, maybe I can help.
    You can see my latest post about that :-D

  3. When I run ReplicatorG I am getting the same messages that you got:

    > When starting RepG I have that message in the Log window:

    > No serial port found.

    > Reset.
    > Motherboard firmware v1.6
    > Error: payload not big enough.
    > Error: payload not big enough.

    > Extruder board: Null version reported!

    > Ready to print.

    I've tried setting both motherboard and extruder firmware to version 1.5 with no change. I am using the Arduino method to download the firmware, which seems to be working fine.