Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Makerbot #453 : Heated platform received !

Good news, I received my Makergear package.
Look great.
Only one little thing.... a corner of the ceramic plate is broken :-(
It will not be a problem for printing since it's near the screw hole,  But I like to be the one that broke my stuff ;-)
Also USPS charge me 5$ for handling fee. Next time I will take a shipping that include ALL possible fees.

Ok, end of frustration.
As you can see, I have now something to do next week-end.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Makerbot #453 : Filament dust remover

Since ABS like to capture dust, I was looking for a solution. Didn't had to make it myself, i found one on thingiverse :-)

Filament Dust Remover by CidVilas

Ok, It have some ABS blob on it....I really need to calibrate my printer. Need to take some time to learn Skeinforge settings...

My Dust remover print

No more UPS Standard from USA...

If you are in Canada like me and want to buy some stuff from USA, think it twice before you choose UPS. At least, pay more if you want to pay less...
Ok strange....
The fact is I bought parts in USA and had the choice of 2 types of UPS shipment. Since I was not hurry to receive it I took the less expensive. Bad decision. Instead of paying 10$ more for the shipping, UPS charged me  37$.for brokerage fee. They told me that the brokerage is include If I had pay 10$ more... Who on earth will not pay 10$ if you save 37$ after ?? Please let us know BEFORE.
So for a 75 $US shipment I have to pay 43$ (including Canada taxes). This is the price I had to pay when I received My makerbot ...but for a 1000$ value.
Thanks for the site where I take parts, they will no more use UPS standard for Canada.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Makerbot #453 : My Skeinforge settings

I'm working to make my Makerbot working with the latest Skeinforge.(I used the version from Skeinfox : 2010-02-12) 
I need to calibrate some settings but I'm now able to print with it.

You can look at it if you want and make comments.

The Profile in Skeinforge let you test multiple settings without having to change the one that works.
To test it, simply copy the folder in your .skeinforge\profiles\extrusion\ 

I have to find why the bed turn around before printing the raft....

Next step : Calibrate, change start code to be bale to place the head somewhere else than on the Acrylic plate (not good when the nozzle is HOT).

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

MAkerbot #453 : Insulator Leaking

Today I had to make many prototype printing. This mean design, heat printer, print. Repeat as many times as needed. The nozzle cool down very fast, but not the PTFE. At the end of the Day, it start to leak. The bottom is bigger than before. and I was unable to print because too much ABS go in the PTFE and the printer cannot melt it again.
I had to disassemble the Heater. Doing that, i broke my thermistor :-(
I installed a copper tube on the PTFE to help not blowing anymore. The problem is that copper take all the heat. To help dissipating that heat, I added  2 small heatsink  on it. Hope this will help.