Monday, 22 March 2010

No more UPS Standard from USA...

If you are in Canada like me and want to buy some stuff from USA, think it twice before you choose UPS. At least, pay more if you want to pay less...
Ok strange....
The fact is I bought parts in USA and had the choice of 2 types of UPS shipment. Since I was not hurry to receive it I took the less expensive. Bad decision. Instead of paying 10$ more for the shipping, UPS charged me  37$.for brokerage fee. They told me that the brokerage is include If I had pay 10$ more... Who on earth will not pay 10$ if you save 37$ after ?? Please let us know BEFORE.
So for a 75 $US shipment I have to pay 43$ (including Canada taxes). This is the price I had to pay when I received My makerbot ...but for a 1000$ value.
Thanks for the site where I take parts, they will no more use UPS standard for Canada.

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  1. UPS are the worse! always use USPS (which ends up in canada through Post Canada or Purolator) they will charge you import duty and taxes, but they are MUCH more reasonable. UPS make most of their residential profits based on ignorance from first-time cross-border buyers.