Sunday, 2 May 2010

Makerbot #453 : Ceramic Heated Build Platform (HBP) part #2

To connect the thermistor, I bought a temperature sensor. 

I found 2 problemes with it.
First : the connector are not correct for the A6 connector on the plastruder. The VCC and the 5V.  need to be switch. After cutting the trace I placed a small wire to make it right.

Second problem : The green connector on the Temperature sensor board is too big and crash on the casing when going UP. So I decided to not connect it directly on the plastruder board. Because of that, the bad wiring are no more a problem since I'm using a wire. With the wires I can connect it where I want. Anyway, the switch is already done.... Note to me : Next time, look if a new part can be place safely where you need it.

To drive the HBP I'm using a Relay. I installed a LED (took from a old Network touter )  to see when it's heating or not. 

The relay is placed with the sensor board on the right side of the Makerbot.

This is the connection on the plastruder :

The test show that it's now easy to reach 100C in less than 10 minutes.

Now, I need to find a good cable to connect all of that to the HBP. I need something long enough and also a cable that can move with the HBP.


  1. I bet you could have just turned the temperature sensor board around (make it face right instead of left) and that would have solved both of your problems.

  2. No. Because the connectors are not reversed. Only two of them need to be changed. Anyway, it's working now ;-)

  3. Hi Nic,
    I have just discovered your blog and you seem to have had all the problems as I did. I am much more advanced in my problems as I have had to nearly replace every part of my extruder. Learning Skeinforge took a while also.
    I found your blog looking for electronics (arduino, makerbot, robotics & electronics kind of) shops in Montreal. I dont suppose you know of any?
    I look forward to seeing your cupcake print the rest of the mini-mendel.