Thursday, 22 July 2010

Makerbot #453 : What should be done to help us is...

Since the beginning, I had many problems with my printer. It's ok, I like to debug and correct problems.
What I think is harder is to make the calibration. If only I had more time to read all possible settings of Skeinforge and try all of them to know exactly what they do... But it's not the case.
Why not having a couple of test pattern related to some important settings to help us doing it right ?
Like with a inkjet printer where you print a sheet and you need to tell the printer which line is the best one.
For the 3D printer maybe a couple of simple print with a small guide that tell you if you need to change a couple of values in skeinforge. " If  part #2 look like this, put a smaller value for setting X".
Yes that will took Us to print many time the same test pattern to have a fully calibrated printer, but it will help to not loose our head in all the settings.

Also, when the printer is calibrated, why not having in RepG a pop Up asking what type of printing we want ?
Again, like with a inkjet printer.
- Draft, Medium, High Quality,
- Infill Full or just a little...

Ok, maybe i'm dreaming....
WAIT ! A couple of years ago, i was dreaming of printing ABS :-)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Makerbot #453 : Hard to print Small parts

I have so many problem when i'm trying to print small parts. :-(
I had to print a square of 12 X 17 X 2 mm with a design cuts inside. That make a 2 mm between the side and the hole. Gush, it was not a big success. I printed something better with a 1.5X bigger version.
Need to put time on Calibration :-(