Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Makerbot #453 : I broke my Acrylic Insulator Retainer

Last week-end I was trying the new Replicator G v18. I printed the Z cover from

MakerBot Board Covers by WRIGHT1 . Not a bad print but some noise from my Plastruder, just something like "crack". Cover Z is good so I started to print the Y cover. Unfortunately, the Retainer was binding making the head touch the print. That was the end of the retainer. By chance, I have a copy of the retainer in ABS (hope it is good). 

It's now time to build and install my  MakerGear HeatCore. I will also try to find a way to dissipate more heat from the insulator, that will help the retainer.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Makerbot #453 : RepG 18 And Temperature.

I was trying the Rep G v18 and wanted to make some adjustment. I changed the thermistor table values to make some test but I didn't took note of originals values ( This is what append when you work in the night).
Now I have strange behavior : When I set the Temp to 200C, the reported temperature stop at 190C (always 5 to 10C under what it is set). That make impossible to print since the script wait for the correct setting.  The only way t o make it working is to set the temp. to 10C more than required. This give me enough time to start the print before temp go down under required setting.
I will try to find originals values and will do more tests.