Monday, 17 January 2011

Makerbot #453 : is it my MK5 Motor that killed my Extruder board ??

Happy new year all !
I decided to start 2011 well by trying to make my CupCake working.
I had many problems with the new MK5 and wasn't able to make a single good print.
Now I know why the motor was stopping....because it was defect.
The motor look to be the problem. I installed the old one from my MK4 and it print Well.
To be sure, I tested again witht the MK5 and.... BANG !! The MOSFET explode...
Bouhouhou ! So sad...
Anyway. By chance we have now the possibility to switch to the second MOSFET in ReplicatorG.
Now, with my first motor, i'm printing and all works !
One thing I noticed : With the MK5 extruder, the heat going to the motor look to be higher than with the MK4.
If you add the HBP you have a pretty amount of heat going to your motor.
So, I decided to add a small Fan to help with the heat dissipation.
I connected the Fan to the same power source as the Motor to reduce the number of cable going there.

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