Thursday, 24 February 2011

My try with Prusa

It's now time to use my Cupcake to what is should do : Printing a printer.
I decided to make the SAE version from spacexula because i have many problem to find Metric hardware here in Quebec City, Canada.
So I paid about 18$ for all rods. Not too bad.
I have almost all parts printed but waiting for my bearing. I found 10 for 1$ + 7$ for shipping on eBay. Hope they will not take too long.
I also found some stepper motors on eBay but don't know if they are good for that project. I need to search.
I also need to decide on the electronics I will buy and the extruder.
I know that Gen4 from Makerbot have place for more things and I like that. I don't want to buy something that will limit me or that need to be change in a month.
I need something that can handle : XYZ stepper motors, Extruder Stepper motor, HBP, FAN, LCD and why not a second extruder since MBI released a water soluble PVA .
I don't know if the RAMPS can handle all that....
Anyway, I have some time to think about that, MBI Gen4 and RAMPS from Ultimachine are out of stock.

Maybe I will continue to print Prusa pieces and sell them to future Canadian builder...

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