Sunday, 27 March 2011

Just received the electronics for my Prusa

I just received my new Monolithic electronics from Techzonecom for my Prusa.
Looks great and very small when compared with the Gen 3 on my Cupcake.
TechZone also sent me a Extruder Tip for free because they lost my order and it took longer than expected to revive it. This is something that show you when a company want to satisfy clients and not only take there money.
I also order a Thermocouple addon in case i want to add a HBP.
Strange things is that the two converter are not the same. One look to have a MOSFET and not the other. Will  ask them but I think one can only show temperature and can't control the heating....
I also only receive one Thermocouple wire. Maybe I had to order one by myself, anyway that only cost 1$.
Now, i'm waiting for the motors from eBay.

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