Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Prusa start to look like a Prusa ;-)

So many things since the last post :-)
I recveived my belt from Ultimachine (I didn't find anything local) but I needed to remove the Gear from motors. I wasn't able to remove that be hand or with my mouth ;-).
I't now time to use the Dremel !
Was not an easy job. I also had to make a flat surface on the shaft for the screw to hold the gear.

X Y and Z motors now in place and working. I also place the Techzone board in my case. At the end I will put the cover to protect the board from anything that can go there. Almost all cables are well placed.

EndStop connected but some are not fixed well for now. I need to check for the Y axis , I don't have any thing to trigger the sensor right now.

Next, I need to :
- Wait for my heated bed from Ultimachine
- Wait for my 8" X 8" Kapton film from Makergear
- Try to like Repsnapper. I really don't feel that software. Maybe it's because i'm with ReplicatorG for so long....
- Find a way to change the Z settings to make it moving for 1mm instead of the like 10mm for now.
- Print and install the extruder from GregFrost

If someone have any idea on how to make the Monotronic board working in ReplicatorG, let me know please !!!


  1. Just a heads-up. You may have problems with those motors. I used the same motors (used a nut splitter to get the gears off). The motors were not strong enough. On my first test prints it would print a couple layers and then offset and go out of alignment from lower layers. FYI in case this happens to you. I eventually ordered new motors from ultimachine and now I am printing without issue.

  2. Thanks for the info. Hope to not have that problem :-|