Sunday, 3 July 2011

Arduino : Sleep_Fade Project

My Problem :
My kids always read in the bed before sleep time. We gave them like 15 minutes with a flashlight and they like that. But now, we have a major problem : the Flashlight have a good effect on the fatigue but a bad one on the Eyes. Optometrist told us to stop that and let them read with a bigger light. Now the problem is that kids doesn't want to sleep after the Reading delay because of the Bigger light so they don't always stop at the correct time. Another problem, they have a Lava Lamp as a night light. This is a very beautiful light but much too bright to help them falling asleep.

My Solution :
A small Night Light with a built In Timer that will alert when it's time to close the Room light and with a Night Light that will fade slowly until turning off.  With that , Kids will know when to Sleep and should slowly fall asleep. No more fear about the dark when the light turn Off.

Next steps:

  • Need a case
  • Test with Kids ;-)


First real board

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