Saturday, January 14, 2012

Will I switch to the new Replicator from Makerbot ?

As many already knows, the new product from Makerbot look awesome.
Yes it's a big amount of money and you don't have to build it yourself but I think I want it anyway.
I already have a Cupcake and I was trying to build a Prusa but they are time consuming.
I spend more time calibrating and tuning than printing.

So I need to take a decision ;-)
For my Prusa, it's easy : I will not continue to put Time on that.
I had some problems with the extruder and I didn't took the good electronics (in my opinion).
I will surely sell it or some parts. I have a brand new Heated base.
If you are interested, let me know (remember, i'm from Quebec, Canada)

The CupCake now :
I really like it. I'm proud of what I make. I print some things and they are looking good.
My cupcake is what slow me in the decision of buying the Replicator since I have many rolls of 3MM ABS that can't work with the new Makerbot product.
Maybe I will try to sell it locally with all the plastics and take that money for the Replicator....
Again, if you are interested.... ;-)

Why would I buy the Replicator ?
First, it will works out of the box, no need to build it.
It's easier to tune your device when you know it is already working.
With the Cupcake, I didn't know first if it was the configuration or the device itself. I lost so many hours to make it working before I found I had a board that was DOA.

Second, the dual Head.
This is what I wanted. Whit it you can buy less costly ABS to fill your object and keep the beautiful colors for the outside. That and the fact that you have 2 colors ;-)

Third, the "no computer required". Cannot tell more .

What's next ?
If I sell my prusa and cupcake It's sure that I buy the Replicator. I'm currently looking for the shipping price (ouch).
Stay tuned....

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